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Quality materials, the very latest state-of-the-art technology and over a hundred years of experience all add up to our ability to create unique, high-end products that are safe, easy to handle and made to last.
Appreciated by the most demanding professionals and by all keen amateur chefs, Sanelli products are a byword for quality all over the world.


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Keep up to date with news from Sanelli. Follow us during the events we take part in and find out about our new products and a lot more: new recipes, certification and technologies that always keep us one step ahead!

IFFA 2022

IFFA 2022

IFFA è la fiera mondiale dedicata al mondo della lavorazione carni e della macelleria. Si tiene ogni tre anni offrendo così uno spazio in comune a tutte le realtà professionali della macelleria e della lavorazione carni. La fiera si svolegerà dal 14 al 19 Maggio 2022 a Messe Frankfurt.
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